Rustic Themed Wedding Must Haves

Rustic Themed Wedding Must Haves

What makes the perfect rustic themed wedding?

This is a question we get asked often. That is why we dug deep into our professional’s creative minds to find out what makes the perfect rustic themed wedding a memorable night. Our Senior Events Coordinator, Sharon, shared her most unforgettable moments at the barn. “I love anything personalized and down to earth at the Barn. One of my favorite couples brought potato sacks and lawn games that were personalized to them. The potato sacks spelled out their last name and it made for something that all the guests could talk about and have fun doing.”personalized centerpieces, rustic themed wedding

While fun personalized lawn games make for a great way for guests to mingle, personalized centerpieces are the perfect decorations for the barn. Sharon adds that “I also love personalized centerpieces. In our barn venue you don’t need anything big and over the top because you let the barn do your decorating, but adding personalized centerpieces, like photos of the couple, adds a lot to the feel of the day.”

fireworks at rustic themed wedding, chaumette vineyards & winery, barn wedding venueOne last thing that adds the perfect touch to  the rustic barn wedding feel is letting loose. Sharon says “I love when a bride and groom are  completely relaxed and at ease in the Barn. When a bride is wearing flip flops and has a relaxed  hair style and the groom isn’t wearing a tie or coat,  the day feels so much more THEIRS. The  guests feel so much more comfortable and let their hair down. Those are the parties I always  remember and it fits so well at the Barn.”

No matter which way you choose to decorate and entertain your guests on your big day, the Barn at Chaumette itself is sure to add the perfect rustic touch to your magical night! Interested in touring our barn wedding venue? Contact or give us a call at 573-747-1000.

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