Love Ignites Sparklers: April & Trent, 7/4/15

Love Ignites Sparklers: April & Trent, 7/4/15

We asked one of our Wedding Coordinators, Sharon Robbins-Kwentus, about her experiences here at Chaumette helping brides plan this very special day in their lives. A bride and groom’s wedding day is vastly meaningful, and celebrating this union with family and friends with a fairy tale wedding is one of our most important objectives at Chaumette. We asked Sharon to tell us about the most special wedding she has witnessed at Chaumette, she quiCopy of image809ckly responded, “Every wedding is so unique and specific to the couple. Each celebration makes its own stamp in my mind and is special in its own way. Lately, I can’t stop thinking about April and Trent’s July 4th wedding at The Barn.”

We love Fourth of July weddings ~ they bring so much passion and energy to the couple and the whole celebratory atmosphere. Sharon describes April and Trent as a fun-loving couple, and their sense of happiness was felt everywhere, “I had worked with April and Trent for over a year. They have been together for many years, and you could seeCopy of image259 it
all over their faces when they looked at each other. They were so in love and seemed to move with one another. They were also really playful with each other and just fun to be around. Their humor was contagious to their friends and family and really everyone around. Everyone was so happy to be celebrating this union, and I couldn’t help but to be excited about it, too!”

Sharon shared a few best of moments of April and Trent’s wedding with us, and we’ll share them here:

“April and Trent were truly a memorable couple for me. I don’t think I will ever forget the moment after April’s Matron of Honor, Erica, started down the aisle. I looked at April to beckon her forward and she froze. She locked her eyes right on mine and I watched every emotion play on her face like a TV. She was so excited, nervous, happy, overwhelmed and even a little scared of such a huge moment. As a newly-married woman myself, I know all the pressure and thought that goes into a wedding and how long you wait for that moment. Every brCopy of image468ide has it, including myself, but when she and I locked eyes, my own tears were welling. All I could do was to give her a big smile, a nod, and whisper “Take a deep breath ~ it’s time to get married!” She began her walk, and I fluffed her dress a bit as she proceeded down the aisle. I don’t always watch the ceremony, but when I looked out at April and Trent as they became man and wife, all I could see was the two of them wrapped in joy.”


“Another pinnacle moment that evening was when we brought out the sparklers. Since we don’t always allow sparklers, (we were making an exception for the holiday,) I was extrCopy of image982emely nervous. I love sparklers myself, but handing flaming batons to 70 guests is a bit unnerving. It was just a ton of fun for everyone! After a big group shot of wedding revelers, their photographer Cindy Ferraro of Cindy Lee Photography, videographers (Millenium Productions) and a few of April and Trent’s friends attempted to get long exposure shots with the sparklers. It was hilarious and so fun for everyone to witness one of April and Trent’s best friends running around the two of them in circles with four thirty-six inch sparklers, while Cindy was snapping away to get the perfect shot. What a laugh, and what a joy to witness!”

We hope these wedding moments will sparkle with April and Trent for a lifetime. It was such an honor and a pleasure to host their big day!

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